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Exciting News: Vaccine Pre-Order Now Open!

We are now accepting orders for AFB Vaccine

P. larvae Bacterin is now available for purchase. No prescription required.

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Who can order?

Beekeepers located in United States where Dalan currently has market authorization. The vaccine is currently manufactured at 50 doses/vial (1 dose per queen). If you are a hobbyist beekeeper and need less, we will make every effort to find a solution for you as well.

About the product:

Paenibacillus larvae bacterin is a liquid solution containing inactivated (dead) whole cell bacteria. The first-of-its-kind vaccine is mixed with queen candy which is then consumed by nurse bees and fed to the queen bee. The USDA has granted a conditional license for the vaccination of queen honey bees against American Foulbrood.

How it works:

Research in honey bees (and other insects) has shown that these animals are able to pass information on disease from one generation to the next as part of the colony’s defense against infections. This mechanism, named Transgenerational Immune priming (TGIP), has been shown to protect larvae of honey bees and other insects against a variety of pathogens, and is assumed to be the primary mode of action in vaccinating against disease caused by P. larvae. First, the vaccine is mixed with queen candy which is then consumed by worker bees. Studies with other bacteria and pathogens have indicated that worker bees may feed the antigen to the queen bee in royal jelly. The queen bee ingests it, and small fragments of the vaccine may be deposited in the ovaries. Antigen and/or immune modulators may then be passed on to the developing larvae providing protection against disease.

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